Volunteer Jobs

The YES Fair is sponsored by SSVEC which provides the core management of the event. Volunteers are always welcome to assist in putting on the YES Fair. The more adults we have the easier it is on the staff and the participants. The types of jobs vary by the activity of the day. Some of the jobs are as follows. Click the + sign to expand each job description.

The students receive a registration packet and your job would be to ask the student their name, find their packet, verify that it is their name (and project title), and send them to the next station.
Only students who have picked up a registration packet are allowed into the ballroom to set up their projects. The security monitor keeps the students in an orderly line to wait for the next set-up assistant to take the students into the ballroom. Directs students who have completed set-up to the exit door.
Wait for the students at the exit door (at a table) verify that all the reviews of the project have been completed (initials on the registration packet), give the students the participation gift and ribbon, and initial the check-out box on the registration packet. This is a sit down job.
Direct students to the proper line. Helps keep the lines to the registration desk and the entrance to the ballroom orderly. Also for keeping students from touching the displays on viewing day. Good job if you ever wanted to be a drill sergeant.
On judging day the Judges fill out a form on each project. These forms need to be gathered from the Judges and brought to the office for data entry. Lots of walking.
Various jobs that could include some minor data entry, placing signs or awards, running errands or messages, or filling in at any of the above jobs for breaks or meals.