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The Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative Foundation is dedicated to providing youth programs (Washington Youth Tour, YES Fair, and Scholarships) for our community. The Youth Engineering and Science Fair (YES Fair), is one of three International Science Fair-affiliated fairs in the state of Arizona. Each year, the YES Fair sends two project teams to the International Science Fair (ISEF).

We are not requesting monetary support of the YES Fair itself. Rather, we hope you will join other local organizations in providing Special and Recognition awards directly to individual students in the form of a certificate, letter, gift card, check, or other non-monetary recognition. Organizations which have in the past chosen to provide such awards range from colleges/universities, various professional associations, community businesses, volunteer groups, and government organizations. The criteria and recipients for all Special and Recognition awards are determined solely by the sponsoring organization, unless the sponsoring organization arranges for the YES Fair to select their recipient(s).

As a Special and Recognition sponsor, your organization will receive exposure in media and will be mentioned in promotions for the event. During the Awards Ceremony on the last evening of the YES Fair you can present your award/recognition to the student(s). In past years we have had over 300 students, parents, teachers, school officials, and community leaders attend the ceremony.

Below is a list of past YES Fair Special and Recognition Awards and a link to our online “Special and Recognition Awards Commitment Form”. Here is an opportunity for your organization to make a difference and open up a world of possibilities for students.


Marcus Harston

Director Youth Engineering & Science Fair (YES Fair)



Examples of Past Special Awards

Award Name Award Description

AEPCO Environmental Award


Apache Nitrogen Products Inc.

Certificate and $500.00 check

ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Award


Branches of the Armed Services: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Coins, backpacks, medallions, gift cards, certificates, checks

Cochise College Foundation

$250 Scholarship

Cochise Water Project

$50 Gift Card

Department of Health & Human Services


Huachuca Astronomy Club

Backpack, PSI Certificate, PSI Astronomy Book

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Plaque, Gift Certificate

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Certificate, $50 Gift Certificate

Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award

Certificate and $200 check





JITC Merit Award

$250 Gift Card, Certificate

MU Alpha Theta


National Society of Professional Engineers

Certificate, lapel pin,

Net Zero Solar

$100 gift card and Certificate

Planetary Science Institute

Membership and $25.00 check

SSVEC Foundation

Certificate & $25.00 Gift Card

SW Assn for Education in Biomedical Research

Plaque and $25.00

SW Assn for Education in Biomedical Research

Plaque and $25.00

TransWorld Network (TWN)

$300 & Certificate

TWN Teacher Award

$100 Gift Card

U of A South Foundation

Student award certificate and $500 check

U of A South Foundation

Teacher award certificate and $500 check

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


U.S. Metric Association


United States Air Force Excellence In Innovation


Yale Science & Engineering Award

Certificate and Medallion

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