Note: This is an additional competition in the YES Fair.

SSVEC together with IEEE (The Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) are sponsoring this upgrade to the YES Fair.

Project Title: Terminology Graphics Platform

Definition of terminology: The set of special words and expressions used in connection with a peculiar science, art, or specialized subject; the nomenclature.

Objective of the Platform

  • Working with computers, the YES FAIR competitor is to review and research all apps (applications and software) in technology (I-Pads, Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktop computers, etc.) to determine if they possess the capabilities for handling active graphics, sound, special effects, text, voice-over, etc.
  • Then, propose a combination of these apps. This would be a combination of features, (a “platform”), designed to help all of the students in our schools.
  • The platform is to provide an EASY (and fun way), for the students to work with graphics (to play with them on his own, so to speak).
  • The ultimate purpose of this exercise in terminology is for the student to reach the knowledge and exact understanding of the language that comes with each distinct field of study.
  • The teacher will determine which word the student is to work on.
  • The teacher will indicate to the student which one, of the many definitions provided on the Internet (i.e. by Google) is the right definition, within context, that applies to the situation being dealt with.
  • The central idea of this exercise is for the student to get to know the words and the correct terminology that applies to a given field of study. Also to understand different situations within a field of student require different forms of the terminology that is used. It is important to learn the critical importance of NOT mixing terminologies as each field has its own, unique terminology. Finally, each student should be able to differentiate and set aside identical words that may be used in different situations with different meanings.
  • Therefore, the app in the “Platform” (on the student’s I-pad) is to provide the student with the capability to “elaborate” (with multimedia), on that Google provided definition. This gives them the opportunity to play with the terminology to further elaborate on a given definition.
  • The student should be able to aim for an exact understanding and to do this by making each word his/her “own” with the help of the platform.
  • It is the same principle as requiring a student to write an essay in his/her own words.
  • It is a fact of life that it is extremely difficult for a student to succeed in his/her studies, or career, if he/she cannot properly convey, speak, and understand the very unique language that is spoken in the workplace, within the classroom, and within the textbooks that are provided to students’ education.

Presentation at the YES Fair

  • Competitors can present their projects in the standard YES Fair format.
  • Can be individual or a group project
  • All competitors must have a sponsoring teacher.
  • 5th – 12th graders are eligible to participate

Project Requirements

  • Entries must be accompanied by clear documentation
  • Operating instruction
  • Provide an example of the project working (the process of defining a word using the full features provided by the platform)
  • The platform must provide the means for processing (explaining) the meaning of a word by providing its component pieces.  For example the spelling, sounding of the word, “in-words” explanation, grammatical features, plus pictorial representation, animated graphics, illustration, voice-over, and special effects, etc.
  • Indicate the form of transmitting the assignment (the defined word) to the teacher for his/her review and grading.

Judging Criteria

  • Clear explanation of the proposed function of the components of the platform
  • Clear explanation of how to use the platform.
  • Demonstration (an example) of an actual term (definition) being expanded.
  • Proposes a way to deliver the defined term (the assignment) to the teacher.
  • Required software supplements, (if any needed)
  • Completeness of documentation of the platform